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Inside Passage,

natural, protected waterway, c.950 mi (1,530 km) long, threading through the Alexander Archipelago off the coast of British Columbia and SE Alaska. From Seattle, Wash., to Skagway, Alaska, or via Cross Sound to the Gulf of Alaska, the route uses channels and straits between islands and the mainland that afford protection from the storms and open waters of the Pacific Ocean. Snowcapped mountains, forests, waterfalls, glaciers, and deep, narrow channels give the Inside Passage great scenic beauty. It was known to Spanish, Russian, English, and American explorers. It is an important coastal route for Canadian shipping as well as the route generally used by ships sailing between the continental United States and Alaska.
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Kayaking the Inside Passage; a paddling guide from Olympia, Washington to Muir Glacier, Alaska.
Unlike many Inside Passage itineraries that call at Glacier Bay National Park or Hubbard Glacier, this itinerary visits the aforementioned Tracy Arm.
In fall and winter, you can expect the Inside Passage to be only 10 [degrees] cooler on average than Seattle.
Between these islands and the mainland is a protected channel known as the Inside Passage. Here, the stormy North Pacific is usually calm, creating a natural highway of water that was plied first by Haida and Tlingit oarsmen and later by Russian explorers and traders, and is now used by merchant and passenger ships.
The 65 optional shore excursions include eight new ones in Wrangell, a new port call on AlaskaOs Inside Passage cruises.
Visitors can also enjoy a day of kayaking or canoeing along the Inside Passage, or check out the nine-hole golf course, which hosts tournaments attended by professionals from all over the country.
You'll take the Inside Passage to see glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, forests and lakes.
Inside Passage cruises stick to the panhandle or southeastern region.
Our Captain, Thomas Wildung, had navigated his way safely around the icy waters of Alaska's magnificent Inside Passage many times as master of the 70,000 ton Legend of the Seas.
This small town, on the northern tip of Wrangelllsland in the Alaska Panhandle, is a common stop for cruise ships heading through the Inside Passage May through September.