Inspirational Speaking, Writing, Art

Inspirational Speaking, Writing, Art

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

There is a psychic state in which a medium becomes susceptible to creative influences from spirit and lends him-or herself as an instrument for free flowing thoughts and ideas. Wolfgang Mozart said, “When all goes well with me, when I am in a carriage, or walking, or when I cannot sleep at night, the thoughts come streaming in upon me most fluently; whence or how is more than I can tell.” Most musicians, writers, and artists of all sorts have experienced this. This is what leads to inspirational writing, speaking, or art of various types. It is more than just putting down ideas on paper; it is as though spirit dictates what is to be recorded.

There was what became known as a “preaching sickness” that swept across Sweden in the middle of the nineteenth century. A great many people, including some children, spoke out eloquently and passionately as if possessed. In Finland, a number of “sleeping preachers” were reported from the 1770s to the 1930s. These were people who suddenly dropped into a deep trance and began to preach.

Emma Hardinge Britten, known as “The Silver-Tongued Lecturer,” was a speaker who gained an international reputation. Her extemporaneous talks were on subjects chosen by a member of the audience. They were spirit-inspired inspirational speeches. There were many other Spiritualist speakers who worked the same way. There are many today who do likewise.

Inspirational writing differs from automatic writing in that in the latter the operator focuses his or her attention elsewhere and spirit force takes over and directs the hand and arm, moving them to produce the writing. In inspirational writing, the attention is on what is being written and the operator is in full control of hand and arm. It is almost as though in inspirational writing the medium is taking dictation from spirit.


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