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instant messaging

Exchanging text messages in real time between two or more people logged into a particular instant messaging (IM) service. Instant messaging is more interactive than email because messages are sent immediately, whereas email can be queued up in a mail server for seconds or minutes. However, there are no elaborate page layout options in instant messaging as there are with email. The basic operation is simple: type a brief message and press Enter.

Instant messaging services may also provide video calling, file sharing as well as PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone calling. Some services can switch from "text chat" to "voice chat" for users with a headset or microphone.

Buddy Lists
In order to set up an instant message, you have to add the usernames of the people you want to message with to your "buddy list" (friend list, contact list). When they log in to the Internet with their IM software, and provided they have not configured themselves as "invisible," you are instantly alerted. When they log out, you are also notified. Each system has its own method for blocking incoming and outgoing messages.

The IM Services
Instant messaging (IM) became popular after Israeli-based ICQ introduced its service in 1996, which was later acquired by AOL. Examples of major IM services are Google Talk, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Skype.

Although third-party IM clients such as Trillian and Simple Instant Messenger were designed to interface with multiple IM services, the client programs from the IM service were always proprietary to that service. Google changed that practice by basing Google Talk on the open XMPP protocol used in Jabber (see XMPP). See IRC, chat, chat room, voice over IM, Google Talk, Jabber and IMUnified.

Short and Sweet
This Google Talk snippet is a typical text interaction. The user's picture can be real or selected from a list (see avatar). In this example, Alan used a real photo, while Lynn preferred the smiling monkey.
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While the consultancy firm forecasts that instant messages will continue to be the most popular form of mobile communication - with more IMs expected to be sent than SMS, emails or phone calls until 2018, SMS will remain more valuable to operators for the foreseeable future.
In the past, encrypting instant messages was a tedious, manual process that was beyond the skill or patience of ordinary users.
In 2012, 11 instant messages were sent for every 10 texts.
(2009) suggested that the participants may have chosen to ignore some of the confederate's instant messages and instead focus on the primary task.
In order to meet the varying needs of subscribers, he said, Etisalat Messenger comes in two packages: the first one (Chat Plus Package) provides unlimited use for a flat rate AED 25 per month; the other package (chat Package) allows users to send and receive unlimited instant messages for a fixed period of 15 minutes, at a cost of AED 2 per session.
* 48% of teens who Instant Message do so at least once a day (Lenhart et al.
Google Talk is a downloadable application which allows Gmail users to talk or send instant messages to their friends for free.
In a recent survey of IT managers, sponsored by Symantec, 86.9% reported they spend at least five hours a week--or 32.5 workdays a year--combating unwanted e-mail and instant messages. The majority of IT managers surveyed consider spam and spim (spam for instant messages) an entry point for other Internet threats.
As long as the computer is turned on, the teachers have access to their instant messages. They can also control the instant message so if they are using an interactive whiteboard for a lesson, they can hide the instant message so it doesn't pop up in front of the entire class.
While 43 percent of employed IM users use desktop IM to communicate quickly in the workplace, an increasing number of users (19 percent) report using cell phones and personal digital assistants to send instant messages.
As soon as Amanda got home, the instant messages started popping up on her computer screen, calling her a tattletale and a liar.