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(1) A compendium of laws embracing a particular area of community arrangements.

(2) The most general designation for higher educational establishments—for example, major institutes such as the Azerbaijan Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry and institutes in various fields of national economy such as aviation institutes.

(3) The name for certain scientific research institutes and design organizations.

(4) Education and methodology institutions that are part of the system for improving the qualifications of specialists, for example, institutes for improving qualifications and institutes for advanced teacher training.

(5) A special type of pedagogical institution, for example, teachers’ institutes.

(6) In pre-revolutionary Russia a closed, privileged women’s secondary educational institution, for example, the Smol’nyi Institute.

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I also offer thanks to all the members of the Institute who helped make this past year such a exhilarating experience for me.
This prioritization will be pursued while the institute continues to fund innovative research efforts aimed at identifying new diseases with an environmental component as well as more classical research looking at the potential health implications of emerging environmental exposures.
The Institute will be located at CalCPA headquarters in Redwood City and meetings will occur in conjunction with CalCPA Board meetings.
The LIRTF Summer Institute was funded to create and support professional development programs in the identified "high need" districts.
The Rutherford Institute has been around since 1982, but it has no track record of litigating sexual harassment cases.
Along with such topics, there were institute sessions on humanism and the arts and the place ceremonies occupy in humanist living.
The working group also worked on how the Institute could do a better job of sharing its advocacy successes with the membership and the public at large.
gov; Vicki Seyfert, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 301-496-7551, e-mail: vs62y@nih.

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