Institute for Global Communications

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Institute for Global Communications

(IGC) Provider of computer networking tools for international communications and information exchange. The IGC Networks -- PeaceNet, EcoNet, ConflictNet and LaborNet -- comprise the world's only computer communications system dedicated solely to environmental preservation, peace, and human rights. New technologies are helping these worldwide communities cooperate more effectively and efficiently.

Address: 18 De Boom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA. A division of the Tides Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organisation. A founding member of the world-wide Association of Progressive Communications (APC).

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These include the Direct Action Network (DAN), the Institute for Global Communication (IGC), and the Association for Progressive Communication (APC).
EcoNet is operated by the Institute for Global Communications, which was established in 1985 by a coalition of environmental and social action groups.
EcoNet, operated by the Institute for Global Communications (IGC), is also a particularly good choice for activists, with more than 4,000 grassroots groups holding memberships.

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