Institute of Foot-and-Mouth Disease

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Institute of Foot-and-Mouth Disease


(full name, All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Foot-and-Mouth Disease of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR), the chief research institution for the study of foot-and-mouth disease in the USSR.

The Institute of Foot-and-Mouth Disease was founded in 1958 in Vladimir. The institute’s laboratories conduct basic and applied research on specific aspects of foot-and-mouth disease. Areas of research include epizootiology and the diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease in animals, and improved methods of disease control. The institute also develops and improves manufacturing processes for making biological products used against foot-and-mouth disease, and investigates the biophysical, biochemical, and genetic characteristics of its pathogen.

The institute provides guidance on scientific methodology to specialized laboratories of other veterinary research organizations in the USSR. It cooperates with foreign institutes and organizations that deal with foot-and-mouth disease.

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