Institute of International Law

Institute of International Law,

Fr., Institut de Droit International, private international organization, est. 1873 in Ghent, Belgium, dedicated to the study, development, and implementation of international law and, through that law, the promotion of international peace. It was formed by 11 international jurists led by Gustave Rolin-Jaequemymns, editor of a prominent legal journal. Its early causes included insuring the safety of the Suez Canal, obtaining extradition pacts, establishing wartime communications, and implementing resolutions of the Hague ConferencesHague Conferences,
term for the International Peace Conference of 1899 (First Hague Conference) and the Second International Peace Conference of 1907 (Second Hague Conference). Both were called by Russia and met at The Hague, the Netherlands.
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. In recognition of its contributions to international peace, the organization was awarded the 1904 Nobel Peace Prize. Based in the home city of its secretary-general, who is elected every three sessions, the institute has a membership of 132 eminent international jurists and legal scholars who meet to discuss various current legal issues, stress the struggle for human rights and peace, and promote the principles of international law.
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Wang Hanling, Director Centre for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Institute of International Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, said that peaceful settlement of maritime disputes was essential for maintaining international legal order in regional seas.
He is a visiting lecturer in a number of institutions, including the Dakar Centre de formation Judiciaire, the University of Rwanda, and the Institute of International Law attached to Makere University in Uganda.
Martti Koskenniemi is Academy Professor and Director at the Erik Castren Institute of International Law and Human Rights at the University of Helsinki.
He worked for 22 years at the Law Faculty of the University of Bonn as the director of the Institute of International Law.
The Yujin Institute of International Law (Seoul, Korea) has begun the publication of the "Journal of East Asia and International Law," a new English-language journal that is designed to enhance understanding of the formation of formal and informal transnational law mechanisms in East Asia.
Avril McDonald of the TMC Asser Institute of international law in The Hague noted that Plavsic would be a prime source of evidence against both Krajisnik and Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb's wartime leader, who is still at large.
38) In 1917, a draft text on the "International Rights of Individuals and International Associations" was submitted by Alejandro Alvarez to the American Institute of International Law.
52) The regional legalist tradition found expression in the American Institute of International Law, founded in 1912 by Alvarez and James Brown Scott, among others.
When the American Institute of International Law attempted to codify existing International Law, it adopted thirty draft projects on international law topics.
According to Scott, the purpose of the American Institute of International Law was to allow more democratic control of foreign policy.
Telekomunikasi Indonesia, the company's annual meeting, in 2002 and has lectured at the Japanese Institute of International Law.
The Yijun Institute of International Law (YIIL; Seoul, Korea), an international law institute established in 2007 to focus on East Asian regional affairs, has begun the publication of the "Journal of East Asia and International Law," a new journal designed to promote research and scholarship on East Asian legal issues and their international implications.

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