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1. Christian Church the appointment or admission of an incumbent to an ecclesiastical office or pastoral charge
2. Christian theol the creation of a sacrament by Christ, esp the Eucharist


an established order comprising rule-bound and standardized behaviour patterns. The term is widely acknowledged to be used in a variety of ways, and hence often ambiguously. SOCIAL INSTITUTION refers to arrangements involving large numbers of people whose behaviour is guided by NORMS and ROLES. In functionalist theory (see FUNCTIONALISM), the concept of institution is linked to that of FUNCTIONAL PREREQUISITES OR FUNCTIONAL IMPERATIVES. MALINOWSKI lists seven social institutions which meet biological and social-psychological NEEDs. GOFFMAN uses the term TOTAL INSTITUTION to refer to bureaucratically organized establishments (see BUREAUCRACY) in which the inmates have little possibility of escape from the norms and roles of the administrative structure. INSTITUTIONALIZATION refers to the process whereby the norms and roles expected in various social settings are developed and learned. Although this often involves an OVERSOCIALIZED CONCEPTION OF MAN, researchers influenced by PHENOMENOLOGICAL SOCIOLOGY stress the creative and adaptive aspects of social life.



an organization established to carry out a particular kind of activity. The USSR has both state and public institutions, governed by charter or statute and, as a rule, enjoying the rights of a body corporate. State institutions include ministries, as well as organizations that perform functions not associated with material production, such as schools, hospitals, theaters, and libraries.

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The recent work of North, Wallis and Weingast (10) and subsequently by Acemoglu and Robinson (11) has shown that the fundamental factor that determines whether a country achieves long term economic growth or not is the kind of institutional structure it builds.
The mode value of all statements related to Institutional structure and capacity on GEMS were 1(Yes) and 2(No).
should weigh the benefits and costs of each institutional structure.
In other words, we want to identify an institutional structure that is common across the different forms of open institutions.
The Dubai International Financial Centre Authority today released a report outlining options for the institutional structure and governance of a proposed Gulf Central Bank, a central requirement to meeting the January 2010 deadline for implementation of a GCC common currency.
It follows that a prediction of institutional structure for the future must be predicated on the philosophy and practices for soil conservation that likely will prevail.
Political and institutional structures, such as health systems and welfare programs, can differ widely.
As the authors argue, "The result is a basic mismatch between the institutional structure and the reality of today's world of work.
I think on a fundamental level they realty are, but the institutional structure that's built up really puts them at odds a lot of the time.
He adds - fondly, he insists - of his industry, ``There's more of an institutional structure in show business that's inherently anti-creative.
By affirming a collective Arab American identity, ACCESS provides the institutional structure to advocate local and national "ethnic" concerns.
However, such a recommendation will not itself address what Lord Nolan himself referred to as the 'culture of silence and denial', which goes to the very core of the tradition of the Catholic institutional structure in Britain.

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