instrument meteorological conditions

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instrument meteorological conditions (IMC)

Meteorological conditions expressed in terms of visibility, the distance from clouds, and the ceiling, less than the minimums specified for visual meteorological conditions. In a control zone, a VFR (visual flight rules) flight may proceed under instrument meteorological conditions if and as authorized by air traffic control.
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The Jones Letter listed seven of those, from logging PIC time while receiving tailwheel instruction toward the endorsement to a non-instrument-rated pilot logging pilot-in-command flight time in actual instrument conditions. As we will see, the opposite is also true.
In using a traditional confocal microscope, images are acquired after adjusting and fixing the diameter of the emission pinhole aperture according to the specimen and instrument conditions. Any emission falling outside of the pinhole is lost.
Learning to fly an airplane in instrument conditions is a real kick.
As important as its measurement ability are the instrument's facilities for storing and transferring measurement data stamped with unalterable information about instrument conditions when the readings were taken.
Instrument conditions existed near the accident site about the time of the accident, and an IFR flight plan was in effect.
Little has a more significant impact on our ability to depart and land in instrument conditions than the ceiling and visibility.
If a training crew had flown this approach procedure at night, in actual instrument conditions (without a discernable horizon), or if they had been off altitude, this aerostat would have been a lethal obstacle.
Since regulation and better judgment restricts VFR-only LSAs from flying in instrument conditions, their avionics shouldn't be used for sole means primary navigation.
To qualify for the Inner Marker Circle and to be a member in good standing, a pilot will have to be a current IMC Club International member and meet the following criteria: has flown at least one instrument approach each month for six months prior to the application (in IMC, under simulated instrument conditions, or in a FAA Certified AATD Flight Simulator).
Instrument conditions prevailed; an IFR flight plan was in effect for the flight, which departed West Palm Beach, Fla., for Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas.
In the 1986 Vance and the 1993 Murphy cases, the NTSB dismissed violations of VFR cloud clearance rules, accepting that it was "not illegal for an instrument rated pilot in a properly equipped instrument airplane to take off and fly in instrument conditions without a clearance" in uncontrolled airspace.

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