instrument landing system

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instrument landing system

[′in·strə·mənt ¦lan·diŋ ‚sis·təm]
A system of radio navigation which provides lateral and vertical guidance, as well as other navigational parameters required by a pilot in a low approach or a landing. Abbreviated ILS.

instrument landing system (ILS)

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A radio aid to navigation intended to facilitate aircraft in landing. It provides lateral and vertical guidance to the optimum point of landing. The various components of an instrument landing system are the localizer, which guides the aircraft to the centerline of the runway; a glide-slope transmitter, which guides the aircraft along the required glide path; outer and inner markers, which indicate to the aircraft that it is passing overhead them; and the airport lighting system.
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The affected airports are Kiruna, Gallivare, Skelleftea, Ostersund, Borlange, Orebro, Jonkoping, Vaxjo, Kalmar, Halmstad, Ronneby and Angelholm which all lack the instrument landing system ILS and will now have it installed, reported Dagens Nyheter, a Swedish newspaper.
Our TLS is a green alternative to traditional Instrument Landing Systems, as it uses less energy, requires less maintenance, and enhances safety, while having a substantially smaller footprint at the airfield," says ANPC's CEO Jeff Mains.
6 ( ANI ): The Airports Authority of India in pursuit of augmenting the air navigation services for safety of the aircraft and travelling public has replaced the existing Instrument Landing System (ILS) at Chennai International airport at a cost of Rs.
The Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) has become the first airport in the country and second in South Asia where the latest instrument landing system (ILS) CAT III-B has been installed to improve visibility during fog season, said a press statement issued by PCCA.
Other projects like completion of new Islamabad Airport, installation of modern instrument landing system (ILS CAT IIIB) at Lahore and Islamabad enabling aircraft to land in fog, modernization of Air Traffic Control Communication and Surveillance System, etc got inordinately delayed due to failure of the top management to take stern action against the non performing official of CAA.
WORCESTER -- Federal authorities have tentatively agreed in writing to own and operate an advanced instrument landing system at Worcester Regional Airport, a step that moves the hilltop facility a step closer to technology that would allow flights to land when visibility is poor.
The airplane then overran the runway and struck the instrument landing system antennas.
The airport currently operates from sunrise to sunset and lacks Instrument Landing System and even runway lights.
SmartPath ground-based system provide differential GPS corrections to replace or supplement the Instrument Landing System (ILS) currently used at airports.
The report said the crew of the A320 had problems with their instrument landing system and asked for permission to make a visual landing at Londonderry on March 29 last year.
United's subcontractor at the airport, SkyWest Airlines, uses the Category II system and not the new Category III Instrument Landing System.

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