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Music a remixed version of a recording


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A brief description of the instrumental mix leads into a longer discussion of the song's tonal center, again with comparisons to "Superstition." There is a digression into Wonder's affinity for composing in flat keys, with speculation that this is attributable to his being a keyboard player--and an unsighted keyboard player--rather than being a guitarist.
This is an instrumental mix of jazz, funk and soul with a bit of dance thrown in.
From Powys in Mid Wales, this trio have been together for 25 years and are celebrated for close vocal harmonies laid over a spare instrumental mix of guitar, mandolin, tin whistle and concertina.
A recitation Spanish, settled comfortably into the instrumental mix adds the cherry.
So this instrumental mix, somewhat harkening back to the Duane Eddy style of that period, is vastly different in William Sherry's "band jam" with a blatty saxophone featured to add a grit and edge to the song laid over some pretty grumpy guitars.
The vinyl version is coupled with a previously unreleased Roy Wood song, Move, while the CD offers Beautiful Daughter, Feel Too Good and an instrumental mix of Fire Brigade.

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