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in the grammar of certain languages (e.g., Russian), the casecase,
in language, one of the several possible forms of a given noun, pronoun, or adjective that indicates its grammatical function (see inflection); in inflected languages it is usually indicated by a series of suffixes attached to a stem, as in Latin amicus,
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 referring to means or instrument. The Latin ablativeablative
[Lat.,=carrying off], in Latin grammar, the case used in a number of circumstances, particularly with certain prepositions and in locating place or time. The term is also used in the grammar of some languages (e.g., Sanskrit, Finnish) for a case of separation, e.g.
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 may in some instances be termed instrumental.


a piece of music composed for instruments rather than for voices
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The album opens with a version of my old friend Tony Iommi's instrumental Embryo, featuring Adam Wakeman (Rick's son) on keyboards, Laurence Cottle on bass, Amelia Sutcliffe on violin, Sarah Tobias on flute and clarinet and me on percussion.
While speaking about the release, Zeeshan Chaudhry, COO of EMI Pakistan, stated, 'It gives us great pleasure to release Asad Ahmed's new music video 'Will You.' EMI Pakistan is always exploring newer genres, therefore, when Asad came to us with an instrumental album, we knew it was the perfect time to take the leap from conventional Pakistani music.
U hrvatskom se jeziku, kao Uto je dobro poznato, sredstvo izraPava instrumentalnom imenskom skupinom, a socijativ prijedloPnom skupinom s + instrumental. (1) Sredstvo je sudionik koji je drugi u uzrocnom lancu, potreban je agensu da bi izvrUio radnju, agens ga odabire zbog svojstava koja ima i njime upravlja.
When asked why the interest has been so high for Test Test Test, Dunphy speculated, "We might be seeing a new phase in popular music where we're moving back to interest in instrumentals. Remember that, at one time right up until the mid-1980s, it wasn't a surprise to see an instrumental on the pop charts.
Our other albums are so collaborator-heavy, there are only a couple of instrumentals. But probably half our set is instrumentals.
Until now she's resided in the genre of instrumental acoustic guitar, where her masterful finger work and lilting sense of melody have earned mainstream exposure and critical kudos.
He started his set playing two dextrous, funky instrumentals that showed why country guitar legend Chet Atkins held him in such high regard.
Bryce Avery pumps out pure pop, doing most of the vocals, instrumentals and songwriting all by his lonesome.
However, anyone expecting Beach Boys instrumentals were soon to be disappointed.With his airtight rhythm section behind him, Dale proceeded to rip up the Liquid Room with some attacking instrumentals that included Fever and a Hendrix-inspired version of Auld Lang Syne.
Beyond simple song swapping, users create mashups by breaking apart songs like Legos and putting the vocals and instrumentals back together however they want.
Comitatives and instrumentals are characterized by markedly different behavior as to their combinability with additional functions.
The album will feature a balanced mix of classic instrumentals as well as new compositions.

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