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The customer has a DDS instruction in her account that has not been paid for the past few months due to insufficient funds.
clients' insufficient funds (on average in 2001-2005 it is 55.
Save for emergencies, Replacing or repairing things in the home can leave homeowners with insufficient funds to make their monthly mortgage payment.
Could it perhaps that enormous cost of the system leaves insufficient funds to pay for an adequate number of police officers?
Many agencies close their doors every year for a number of weeks to deal with insufficient funds.
Unfortunately, because there were insufficient funds available in the trust to pay the taxes and the administrative expenses, the CRAT had to be invaded to pay the estate taxes due on the successor's interest.
Generally, a vendor is required to establish the buyer's intent to defraud and knowledge of insufficient funds for a valid claim under the bad-check laws.
The notice of default was caused when a $247,00 check sent to Sentinel for a June 1 bond payment was returned for insufficient funds.
Social workers paid lip service to the value of women's work in childrearing, but insufficient funds kept pensions low.
A physician board member has warned the medical staff that there are insufficient funds to pay everyone an on-call stipend.
Many people who need long-term care have insufficient funds to pay for it but too much income to qualify for Medicaid.

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