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Many have argued that it is not the depositor's fault that the check is drawn on insufficient funds and that charging the depositor in such cases is therefore unreasonable.
The recent judgement overruled a 2004 verdict by a San Francisco jury that found that the bank violated state law by taking fees for insufficient funds from accounts set up to receive social security benefits.
At both banks and savings associations, the fees charged for stop-payment orders, checks returned for insufficient funds, and overdrafts all rose substantially more than the increase in the CPI during this period.
It used to be that banks would decline a transaction if there were insufficient funds to protect their clients.
He was disbarred in 1989 after being accused of abandoning clients in six cases and of having insufficient funds to cover a check drawn on a client's account.
Considering all the facts and circumstances bearing on EW's financial situation, the court held that the company did exercise ordinary business care and prudence; in addition, because EW would have had insufficient funds to pay its reduced work force and essential creditors if it had paid the employment taxes when due, EW established that undue hardship would have resulted.
Offer "opt out" ability to any customer who would prefer that we decline or return any transaction on their account, whenever possible, when they are presented against insufficient funds.
Fine Gael Sligo-Leitrim TD John Perry claimed the Health Service Executive in the North-West had insufficient funds to pay suppliers for services provided.
Many people have to wait long periods of time to have an operation because there are insufficient funds in place to cover the cost of operating systems and equipment.
Since (customers) have to go through verification, we will have fewer payments that are rejected for insufficient funds,'' he said.
The corporation has insufficient funds to continue operations and could not honor the demand for repayment of a substantial outstanding loan.