Insulated Truck

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Insulated Truck


a vehicle whose body is equipped with a layer of insulating materials, which limits heat transfer between the inner and outer surfaces. The insulation properties of the body are characterized by the heat-transfer coefficient k.

Insulated trucks are classified in two categories, depending on the value of k: vehicles with ordinary insulation, for which k does not exceed 0.7 watts per sq m per deg K [W/(m2⋅°K)], or ∼0.6 kcal per hr per sq m per deg C [kcal/(hr⋅m2⋅°C)]; and vehicles with heavier insulation, for which k does not exceed 0.4 W/(m2⋅”K), or ∼0.35 kcal/(hr⋅m2⋅°C). They are also subdivided into freezer and refrigerated types, which are used in transporting perishable goods, as well as heated types. The type of vehicle is chosen according to the type of load and its packaging, the temperature of the outside air, and the duration of the trip. The load-carrying capacity of an insulated truck is 0.2–20.0 tons.


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