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Policy, Insurance


a document, usually made out in the name of the policyholder, that certifies contracts for personal or property insurance and for contractual relations with respect to mandatory state insurance. In the USSR, voluntary insurance policies are given to the insured (the citizen or organization in whose interest insurance is provided) after the first premium is paid. For mandatory insurance, an insurance policy is issued after agencies of the Central Administration of State Insurance have established the composition and value of the property to be insured and the size of the premiums. The policy establishes the basic terms of the insurance. These include the type and object of coverage and the life of the contract. They also include the amount of the insurance and information about the policyholder and the underwriter.

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Life settlement providers will purchase $10 billion to $15 billion of insurance policies in 2005.
General liability insurance policies have limits stated for each occurrence and general aggregate.
It can involve employers who buy no workers comp insurance policies and, therefore, pay no workers comp insurance premiums at all, or it can involve employers who buy policies but lower the cost of their premiums in fraudulent ways.
Having been in and out of consideration for some 25 years, the Disclosure For Small Face Amount Life Insurance Policies Model Act saw action June 12 when it was unanimously approved by the Life Insurance and Annuities Committee at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Summer National Meeting in Boston.
Recognizing the death of a key employee of certainly the business owner could mean the end of the business itself, most small businesses own life insurance policies on these individuals.
Non-traditional insurance solutions include claims-made liability insurance policies, risk purchasing group programs, captive and rent-a-captive insurance arrangements, and excess and surplus lines insurance placements.
In Texas, such insurance policies are protected from creditors.
Under HIPAA, qualified long-term care insurance policies, in exchange for tax advantages, must contain certain consumer protection provisions.
Outside jumbos, one new product enables buyers to sock away all or part of a down payment on a home in investment vehicles such as variable and fixed annuities, and in life insurance policies.
Building owners and operators are finding that insurance policies sold to them years ago will pay for these claims.

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