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Policy, Insurance


a document, usually made out in the name of the policyholder, that certifies contracts for personal or property insurance and for contractual relations with respect to mandatory state insurance. In the USSR, voluntary insurance policies are given to the insured (the citizen or organization in whose interest insurance is provided) after the first premium is paid. For mandatory insurance, an insurance policy is issued after agencies of the Central Administration of State Insurance have established the composition and value of the property to be insured and the size of the premiums. The policy establishes the basic terms of the insurance. These include the type and object of coverage and the life of the contract. They also include the amount of the insurance and information about the policyholder and the underwriter.

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I) Loss or Damage or Cost or Expense, directly or indirectly caused by an Act of Terrorism, regardless of any Other Cause or Event which might have concurrently contributed to the same Act of Terrorism, shall fall out of the ambit of the relative Fire Insurance Policy, even if the Standard Explosion Endorsement would have been attached therewith.
The court of appeal rendered a judgment in favour of the claimant and held that the arbitration clause should be contained separately in the insurance policy in order to be enforceable.
When deciding whether or not to shield an insurance policy in a trust, don't base your decision exclusively on your current circumstances, which may change over time.
Nearly every type of life insurance policy qualifies for a viatical settlement, providing it's been in force for at least two years.
The irony should be apparent: Because employers like Christi's refuse to spend just hundreds of dollars a year on a workers comp insurance policy, taxpayers end up spending millions of dollars a year on their employees' medical bills.
If an ILIT holds only a term life insurance policy that pays premiums monthly, the policy's value (and, thus, the trust's value) is arguably zero at the end of each month (when a premium becomes due again).
Whoever offers advice for a fee on an insurance policy that is unconnected with the purchase of a policy needs to have a life policy analyst license.
McClendon's other insurance policy is assigned to the ministry.
What this means is that, in most cases, benefits from a qualified long-term care insurance policy are not taxable, just as are most benefits from accident and health coverage are not.
With a CAM, you might put that $120,000 into a life insurance policy with a projected rate of return of approximately 6.

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