Integrated Electronics

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integrated electronics

[′in·tə‚grād·əd i‚lek′trän·iks]
A generic term for that portion of electronic art and technology in which the interdependence of material, device, circuit, and system-design consideration is especially significant; more specifically, that portion of the art dealing with integrated circuits.

Integrated Electronics


(also integrated microelectronics), an area of electronics dealing with problems of design, manufacture, and use of integrated circuits and functional devices. Integrated electronics is the next stage in the development of the manufacturing technology of semiconductor devices, based on highly efficient multiple processes. The main developmental effort in integrated electronics is directed toward the creation of integrated circuits (solid-state, thin-film, or hybrid), functional integrated assemblies, devices used in molecular and optical electronics, and ion devices.

Solid-state and thin-film (hybrid) microelectronics, which make possible mass production of standard integrated circuits, are the best-developed areas of integrated electronics. The special features of the development of these areas is the increasing functional complexity and high degree of circuit integration. The two areas are highly interdependent and complementary. Functional integrated assemblies and devices used in molecular electronics and optical electronics are the next step in the development of integrated technology, based on methods of solid-state and thin-film engineering. Integrated circuits are widely used in electronic computers, control and measuring apparatus, home radio appliances, and communications devices. Dielectric electronics is among the promising trends in the development of integrated electronics.


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Jeff McCurley, Vice President and General Manager of CTS Automotive Products commented, "The collaboration and license agreements will significantly broaden the applications for which CTS can offer the added value of actuators packaged with our integrated electronics and position sensors.
With over 40 years of experience, Sypris Electronics is a recognized market leader in providing integrated electronics manufacturing services, engineering services and information assurance products to the Defense, Aerospace and Homeland Security markets.
The Avago AEDR-8400 series of reflective encoders consist of an LED light source, a special photodetector IC with integrated electronics, and integrated optics.
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a leading supplier of integrated electronics manufacturing services, engineering services, and information assurance products to the Defense, Aerospace and Homeland Security markets, is pleased to announce its demonstrated Rapid Prototype capability as its newest service offering to the market.

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