Integrating Factor

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integrating factor

[′int·ə‚grād·iŋ ′fak·tər]
A factor which when multiplied into a differential equation makes the portion involving derivatives an exact differential.

Integrating Factor


a factor multiplication by which transforms the left-hand side of the differential equation

(*) P(x, y) dx + Q(x, y) dy = 0

into the total differential of some function U(x,y). Thus, if μ(x,y) is an integrating factor, then

μ(x, y)[P(x, y) dx + Q(x, y) dy] = dU(x, y)

If the factor μ(x,y) is known, then the problem of integrating the original equation (*) reduces to quadratures, since it remains to find the function U(x,y) from its total differential.

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But individual sovereignty - or at least the appearance of it - might be the perfect integrating factor for a new global polity wherein the civil and political rights of the vast majority will be superfluous: everyone a king or queen with endless diversions and gadgets as the mark of citizenship and community participation.
From the compatibility condition we see that [xi] = [zeta] and the common integrating factor [xi] satisfies [eta] [and] d[xi] = 0, [beta] [and] d[xi] = 0.
However, we will not be able to integrate it explicitly because the integrating factor turns out to be not integrable in the sense of Frobenius.
3) with a linear stiff part as implicit-explicit (IMEX), time splitting, integrating factor (IF), and deferred correction schemes as well as sliders and exponential time differencing.
The paper is organized as follows: In [section]2 we briefly list the used numerical schemes, integrating factor methods, exponential time differencing, Runge-Kutta sliders and time splitting methods.
Still, the decree remains typical of the council's combination of traditional features with real innovations, such as the decentralized planning of seminary programs by episcopal conferences, a focus of philosophy not on a single master like Aquinas but on topics, such as human nature, the world, and God, and taking preparation for the ministry of word, sacrament, and pastoral care as the integrating factor in seminary studies.
While today campus ministry in itself is not the integrating factor in Catholic higher education, it has grown in both extent and sophistication, and has an essential role in Catholic higher education.
Sixth, because the society has experienced so much transition during its 40 years, especially since the mid-1990s, the journal has functioned as a major integrating factor around which the society's work has flowed.
In addition to its technological prowess, the global system from CMA will have an important impact on the financial community as an integrating factor since it will affect the eight African member states of the UEMOA: Benin, Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo.
It may well provide the integrating factor between mind and matter.
Costumes by Amy Panganiban were also an integrating factor for a piece that could do with a bit of choreographic editing, but certainly had plenty of visually and musically compelling moments.
He added that the reason behind the unadopting of students project by the private sector is that these projects are incomplete and there is no point of adopting projects that lack economic feasibility as the mere establishing of a project is not enough unless there are integrating factors of success that could be presented in a symposium attended by giant companies, especially those working in the industrial zone.

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