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However, in the whole seeds, the highest crude protein percentage occurred in the BRS Guariba genotype--whole seeds - and in the BRS Tumucumaque--seeds without integument (Table 2).
2) length 4.1 mm, width 1.3 mm; integument red-yellow (rufotestaceous), with infuscate head variably patterned; pronotum with oval median vitta separate from anterior margin, reaching posterior margin, lateral maculae at midlength; elytra infuscate, intervals 2-4 diffusely pale; venter infuscate on meso- and metathoraces, abdominal ventrites.
[28.] Corbetta S, Bairati A, Vitellaro-Zuccarello L (2010) Immunohistochemical study of subepidermal connective of molluscan integument. Eur J Histochem 46: 259-272.
Ultrastructure of tarsal sensilla and other integument structures of two Pseudocellus species (Ricinulei, Arachnida).
Diagnosis.--Body slightly elongated, 5 to 6 times the length of the pronotum; integument rugose.
This is done in order to remove grains that are broken during hydration or have had their integument broken, and to remove foreign material that may have remained in the grain mass after the cleaning stage.
The inner and outer integuments elongated rapidly and almost enclosed the nucellus (Fig.
Using tensile testing, gross dissection, histology, and simple modeling, we aimed to identify features of hagfish integument that could aid in the production and manipulation of body knots in an attempt to understand why these fishes possess loose-fitting skins that are of little, if any, benefit to thrust production and steady swimming.
The micropyle is formed by the two integuments delimiting a narrow opening that is occluded by the nucellar beak (see Figure 4F).
On the other side, Bower and Blackbourn (2003) report that some geoducks (Panopea generosa) collected in BC had dark thickened integument (periostracum) on the siphon and/or mantle that appeared brown or black.
There seems to be no doubt that the endothelium is a nutritive layer, whose main role is to work as an intermediate for the transport of nutrients from the integument to the embryo sac (MAHESHWARI, 1971).