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These new products demonstrate the breadth of the Intel IXA product line," said Christensen.
The resulting confrontation has led Digital to hint that it will press federal authorities to explore antitrust actions against Intel.
Intel is the first to implement an innovative combination of new materials that drastically reduces transistor leakage and increases performance in its 45nm process technology.
Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology-based laptops operate faster and more efficiently with Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N enhanced wireless communication capabilities.
Intel is actively working with software developers on threading applications and next-generation games that will be able to take advantage of quad-core microprocessors.
But in the last few years, Intel has taken mobile computing to new levels of performance, connectivity and battery life, so that mobility offers little or no compromises compared to desktop computing.
The Intel Core Processor Challenge is open to PC designers and manufacturers worldwide.
The Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 and T7400 processors offer a range of performance and performance-per-watt capabilities to provide embedded customers with the design flexibility to create new solutions and to solve small form factor design challenges typical of embedded market segments.
In the first ever appearance of an Apple executive at IDF, Otellini was joined on stage by Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing who discussed how Apple has been able to innovate with sleek form factors and leverage the Intel Core family of processors across their entire computing product line.
Intel vPro technology also includes the second generation of Intel(R) Active Management Technology, Intel(R) Virtualization Technology, the new Intel(R) Q965 Express chipset and the Intel 82566DM Gigabit Network Connection.
Intel Core 2 Duo processors have two processing cores -- or computing "brains" -- that can handle multiple tasks in less time while consuming less power.
Demonstrating the speed of its 65nm volume ramp, Intel has achieved an important manufacturing milestone with its three 65nm factories.