Intel 80386

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Intel 80386

(Commonly abbreviated to "386", trademark "Intel386") The successor to the Intel 80286 microprocessor. It was the first Intel processor with 32-bit data and address busses. It can address four gigabytes (2^32 bytes) of memory; however, 16 megabytes is a typical maximum in IBM PCs. The 386 allows multiple application programs to run at the same time (when running under 386-specific operating systems) using "protected mode".

The first IBM compatible to use the 386 was the Compaq 386, before IBM used it in high-end models of their PS/2 series. It is also used in HP's RS series and many others.

It does not require special EMS memory boards to expand MS-DOS memory limits. With the 386, the EMS standard can be simulated in normal extended memory, and many DOS add-ons provide this "Expanded Memory Manager" feature.

See also Intel 80386SX, BSD386.
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manufactures and markets, direct to end users, ISA and EISA (Industry Standard and Extended Industry Standard Architecture) personal computer systems and work stations based on the Intel 80386SL, 80486SX, SX, DX and DX2 microprocessors worldwide.
The PenExec is an IBM-compatible PC with an Intel 80386SL 25-MHz microprocessor that uses pen technology from Grid Systems Corp.