Intel 8051

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Intel 8051

A microcontroller developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded products and still (1999) one of the most popular microcontrollers.

The 8051/8031 cores are used in over 100 devices from 10 independent manufacturers such as Dallas and Philips.

See also CAS 8051 Assembler, as31 assembler, 51forth.

8051 FAQ.

The 8031/51 series microcontroller.

Intel MCS51 series microcontrollers.
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Processor ADuC812 is the duplicate of Intel 8051 with the integrated peripherals.
Most of the term projects result in stand-alone smart products that incorporate the Intel 8051 series of 8-bit microcontrollers.
The optimization procedure is versatile in that it can be used for optimizing flag definitions of any microprocessor and has been utilized in the INTEL 8051 and INTEL 8086.