Intel Atom

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Intel Atom

A family of low-voltage x86 CPUs from Intel that was created for portable devices. Along with the introduction of the Atom in 2008, Intel coined the term "netbook" for small, entry-level Atom-based notebooks. Atom chips are used in a variety of Windows tablets.

Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, Atom CPUs deliver more performance per watt than Intel desktop CPUs and produce much less heat. The chip footprint is also significantly smaller; for example, a single 12" wafer can yield 2,500 Atom chips, compared to 600 Core chips.

From Centrino Atom to Atom
The first branding for the Atom line was Centrino Atom, but it was dropped for just plain Atom within a few months of its introduction.

Atom Systems-On-Chip
Code named Medfield in 2012, Intel introduced its Atom-based system-on-chip (SoC) platform for mobile devices. Current SoC brands are Atom C for server appliances and Atom x5 and x7 for tablets. Future updates (code named Broxton and SoFIA) of its x3 smartphone chips were cancelled in 2016 (ARM processors are dominant in the mobile arena). See SoC, ARM chips and x86.
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It features a 1280x800 IPS display, quad-core Intel Atom processor, 32GB storage memory, Bluetooth 4.
MinnowBoard Turbot is a powerful and expandable open platform for Intel Atom that allows endless customization and integration potential.
Twenty companies, including Asus and Jolla, have committed to delivering Intel Atom x3 designs," he said.
Prestigio says the Intel Atom Z2420 processor brings Intel's classic product strengths and impressive performance to the value segment of the smartphone market.
According to Intel, the dual-core Intel Atom SoC (Clover Trail+) platform for Android* tablets provides double the compute performance and three times the graphics capabilities with competitive battery life, as compared to the previous-generation Intel Atom processors platform1.
Intel is also extending its work with leading OEM partners globally, building on the strong foundation of Intel Atom processor Z2760-based tablet designs in market from Acer*, ASUS*, Dell*, Fujitsu*, HP*, Lenovo*, LG Electronics and Samsung*.
The Intel Atom chip known as Centerton, which provides Gemini with its power savings
Intel said the strategic mobile partnership will see Motorola start shipping smartphones using Intel Atom processors and the Android platform later this year.
Intelhasannounced the availability of the latest mobile Intel Atom processor-based platform, formerly codenamed "Cedar Trail.
Intel said that the Intel Atom platform, formerly codenamed 'Oak Trail,' is now available and will be in devices starting in May and throughout 2011.
Over the past few months, quite a number of Pine Trail-based netbooks have seen the light of day, especially ones based on the more advanced, DDR3-supporting Intel Atom processors.