Essentially an Intel 486DX microprocessor with a 16 kilobyte on-chip cache.

The DX4 is the fastest member of the Intel 486 family. 75 and 100MHz versions are available. At an iCOMP index rating of 435, the 100 MHz DX4 performs up to 50% faster than the 66 MHz Intel DX2. The DX4's clock multiplier allows the processor to run three times faster than the system clock. This performance is achieved in part by a 16K on-chip cache (double that of the other 486s). The DX4 has an integrated floating point unit.

Like the other 486s, the DX4 achieves performance through a RISC integer core that executes frequently used instructions in a single clock cycle (the Pentium's can execute multiple instructions in a single clock cycle).

Low power consumption has been achieved with SL Technology and a 0.6 micron manufacturing process, giving 1.6 million transistors on a single chip operating at only 3.3 Volts.

"IntelDX4" is the entire name, the "486" has been dropped and I am assured that there is no space in the same.
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Based on the IntelDX4 75MHz processor and dual-scan STN or active-matrix TFT displays, respectively, the HiNote Ultra CS475 and CT475 models with 528MB hard drives are priced at U.
In addition to the introduction of the Satellite 100CS and 105CS at $1,999, Toshiba will now ship the Satellite 2110CS, the company's 75Mhz IntelDX4, 4MB memory, 350MB hard drive value notebook for $1,299 and the Satellite 2130CS/CT the company's 75Mhz IntelDX4, 8MB memory, 500MB hard drive value notebook for $1,599.
Both models are powered by a 75MHz IntelDX4 processor and include 4MB of RAM memory (expandable to 32MB), removable 340MB hard disk drive, and an optional lithium ion battery can be used in the removable floppy disk drive slot to give the user additional battery life.
The Dell Latitude 475C takes the performance lead within the value- line notebook category with the incorporation of a 75-megahertz (MHz) IntelDX4 processor.
Demonstrating our market leadership, we are bringing 75MHz IntelDX4 processing power in the T4800CT and T4850CT to customers who have the desire for high performance mobile computing at a reasonable price," said Steve Lair, vice president of marketing for the Computer Systems Division of Toshiba America Information Systems Inc.
The series of premium-performance Z-NOTEFLEX upgrades and configurations announced by ZDS include support for the new 100MHz version of the IntelDX4 microprocessor.
Intel is a registered trademark and IntelDX4 is a trademark of Intel Corporation.
The CompuAdd 475 Colorscan and CompuAdd 475 Colorpro notebooks have a 75 MHz IntelDX4 processor and 340MB or 520MB IDE hard drive.
The Versa M features multimedia capabilities, IntelDX4 75MHz or 100MHz processor power and a choice of four VersaVision displays, including two industry firsts: VersaVision TrueColor display with 16 million brilliant colors and photographic quality, and VersaVision High-Resolution 800x600 TFT display.
Intel is a registered trademark and Pentium, IntelDX2 and IntelDX4 are trademarks of Intel Corporation.
Toshiba's T4800CT and T4850CT performance computers optimize multimedia presentations and other advanced applications that require high performance, maximum expandability and a high level of portability through its fast 75MHz IntelDX4 processors and vibrant color screens (9.