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Summary: Washington [USA], May 28 (ANI): Microsoft has listed a new gaming mouse on its website which appears to be a refashioned Pro IntelliMouse from two years ago.
India, June 29 -- Microsoft launched the original IntelliMouse way back in 1996.
Mi Mouse es tambien Microsoft, un Intellimouse optical.
The full names of the two mice are (take a deep breath): "Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer Night Vision Green" and "Wireless Optical Mouse Groovy Orange." Unfortunately, I think the new "Night Vision" IntelliMouse is so-called only due to the color scheme, as it wasn't produced by the Pentagon.
Silver Surfer - Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer pounds 34.99
Microsoft Wireless USB Optico con tecnologia Tilt Wheel Intellimouse para desplazamiento lateral con la Explorer rueda, incluye botones laterales para el pulgar con funciones programables por software, uso optimizado de baterias para alargar la duracion de estas, incluso puede operar con una sola pila.
This software will ship with a number of new Microsoft hardware products including Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint reader ( includes optical wireless mouse and a keyboard containing the fingerprint reader), Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer with Fingerprint reader (a wireless optical mouse with seperate fingerprint reader), and the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader (see Figure 28.2).
The new product versions introduced today are Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer, IntelliMouse Explorer, Wireless Optical Mouse, Wireless Optical Desktop Elite, Wireless Optical Desktop Pro, Wireless Optical Desktop and Basic Wireless Optical Desktop.
Another nice product is the Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB, which has no balls, which means you don't have to clean them.
If you have a Microsoft IntelliMouse pointing device, you can use the wheel button, the third (middle) button, to quickly zoom in and out of an Office document.
* Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or compatible pointing device
The Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical uses a sealed optical sensor that gives smooth, precise movements.