Intelligence Service

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Intelligence Service


the collective term for the network of intelligence and counterintelligence agencies in Great Britain.

This network includes the Secret Intelligence Service, which is the central agency for intelligence; the Security Service, which is the central agency for counterintelligence; and the intelligence and counterintelligence agencies of various departments. The coordinating body for the intelligence services is the Joint Intelligence Committee under the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The general direction of intelligence activity is carried out by the government. The British Intelligence Service, whose creation dates back to the late 15th and early 16th centuries, operates by means of highly sophisticated methods, often resorting to organized conspiracies, terrorist actions, bribery, blackmail, political provocations, and ideological subversion. The main efforts of the Intelligence Service, which are closely coordinated with the intelligence agencies of the other NATO powers, are directed above all against the USSR and the other socialist countries, against the national liberation and democratic movement, and against progressive organizations in Great Britain.

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The intelligence services of countties both inside and outside the region that are opposed to Russia's air strikes in Syria should be held responsible for the crash, if it did not occur due to technical problems, Amir-Abdollahian argued.
Lest we forget, despite all its online snooping, the intelligence services failed to prevent a number of atrocities in the United Kingdom -- from the London bombings of 2005 to the murder of off-duty soldier Lee Rigby in 2013 -- despite the fact that the perpetrators in both cases were on the radar of intelligence services.
The Chief of Intelligence Services is always appointed by a direct presidential decree, Sweilam said.
com or visit Flashpoint's Jihadist Threat Intelligence service on the Web:
He stressed that the Security and Intelligence Service e is committed to do all its duties and tasks for the security of the citizen and the homeland.
20 years after the transition, the senior staff of intelligence services must not contain people who were trained by the KGB,"Krasimir Tsipov from GERB declared, adding that the step had been taken to conceal the past of certain party officials who had engaged in "things other than intelligence" throughout these years.
He provided the information the five of them gathered to persons working for foreign intelligence services either in person or by using special satellite operative systems and techniques.
According to the intelligence service, three bystanders attending early morning prayers at the mosque were wounded.
The paper quoted an unnamed US official as saying that no Western intelligence service has such good sources inside Syria as Germany's BND.
The author has an interesting and valuable conclusion noting that: "The key issue in assessing any intelligence service is: .
Offered to complement RSA's broad portfolio of security and threat management solutions, the RSA CyberCrime Intelligence Service is a managed service that is designed to provide information on corporate end points, network resources, access credentials and other systems that may have been compromised by malware, RSA said.
In his capacity as head of the Egyptian intelligence service, Suleiman is also the de facto head of the Egyptian intelligence community.

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