Intelligence Service

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Intelligence Service


the collective term for the network of intelligence and counterintelligence agencies in Great Britain.

This network includes the Secret Intelligence Service, which is the central agency for intelligence; the Security Service, which is the central agency for counterintelligence; and the intelligence and counterintelligence agencies of various departments. The coordinating body for the intelligence services is the Joint Intelligence Committee under the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The general direction of intelligence activity is carried out by the government. The British Intelligence Service, whose creation dates back to the late 15th and early 16th centuries, operates by means of highly sophisticated methods, often resorting to organized conspiracies, terrorist actions, bribery, blackmail, political provocations, and ideological subversion. The main efforts of the Intelligence Service, which are closely coordinated with the intelligence agencies of the other NATO powers, are directed above all against the USSR and the other socialist countries, against the national liberation and democratic movement, and against progressive organizations in Great Britain.

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The Head of State emphasized: Accordingly, I instruct to submit to me the Concept of optimization of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in accordance with the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance by the end of December.
FortiGuard Labs ingests over 50 billion events daily, and now with the FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Service we are able to deliver those same extensive threat insights to our customers and the security community at large.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Three senior ISIL members were killed in Iraqi army airstrikes that targeted their locations in a Western Mosul district, according to the Iraqi military intelligence services.
The Volicon Media Intelligence service records broadcast content across interfaces including SDI (serial digital interface), TS (a digital container format for transmission), and analog for purposes of monitoring, compliance and review.
The intelligence services of countties both inside and outside the region that are opposed to Russia's air strikes in Syria should be held responsible for the crash, if it did not occur due to technical problems, Amir-Abdollahian argued.
The intelligence services insist they need to do all this, and much more, because they are searching for small needles of information about terrorists in the vast haystack of online communications.
The Egyptian intelligence community consists of three main branches: the General Intelligence Service; the Office of Military Intelligence Services and Reconnaissance; and the Egyptian Homeland Security, previously known as the State Security Investigations.
THE European Union has widened its sanctions against Russia and is to include the heads of the intelligence services.
In addition to several military services, there was, for example, separate intelligence service of war veterans or unions.
The legal changes envisage a ban on disclosing the DS records of persons who have held senior positions at the civil and military intelligence services since 1991.
They are intelligence services of a neighboring country," Minister Jankuloska said.

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