Intelligence Service

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Intelligence Service


the collective term for the network of intelligence and counterintelligence agencies in Great Britain.

This network includes the Secret Intelligence Service, which is the central agency for intelligence; the Security Service, which is the central agency for counterintelligence; and the intelligence and counterintelligence agencies of various departments. The coordinating body for the intelligence services is the Joint Intelligence Committee under the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The general direction of intelligence activity is carried out by the government. The British Intelligence Service, whose creation dates back to the late 15th and early 16th centuries, operates by means of highly sophisticated methods, often resorting to organized conspiracies, terrorist actions, bribery, blackmail, political provocations, and ideological subversion. The main efforts of the Intelligence Service, which are closely coordinated with the intelligence agencies of the other NATO powers, are directed above all against the USSR and the other socialist countries, against the national liberation and democratic movement, and against progressive organizations in Great Britain.

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He said that the door is open for communication and deliberation between the General Intelligence Service and the UN and international organizations for achieving the common national goals.
"We are very concerned about this because all experience tells us that once someone has put themselves in that sort of position they are likely to have acquired the skills and connections that make them potentially very dangerous," Alex Younger, chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, said.
However, the State Financial Intelligence Service said it was not going to collect that information to breach the law, but to set up a centralized database in order to fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism.
A graduate of Philippine Military Academy Sinagtala class 1986, Alberto was appointed Intelligence Service chief in August last year.
Financing the decision's implementation is going to be at the expense of the funds provided by the state budget for the Foreign Intelligence Service.
The data were obtained by Macedonian intelligence services from the Turks living in the country and transferred to the Turkish intelligence, Sputnik reported.
"Chinese intelligence services are active on networks like LinkedIn and have been trying for a while to extract information and find intelligence sources in this way," including seeking data on users' habits, hobbies and political interests, they said.
The post Fortinet launches global threat intelligence service appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
The company said this integration allows users of the Volicon Media Intelligence service to launch over-the-top (OTT) offerings by leveraging their existing Volicon hardware infrastructure.
The warning from the intelligence service, which the statement did not name, pointed to a higher threat level than "the general abstract" level cited earlier, Vienna police said, asking Austrians for their understanding for more controls.
Deputy Foreign Minister Hossain Amir-Abdollahian has raised the possibility of unnamed foreign intelligence services causing the crash of a Russian passenger plane in Egypt Saturday.
It comes after the Secret Intelligence Service was urged by MPs in March to recruit a new generation of female spies.

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