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Abbr. for impact isolation class.

impact insulation class (IIC)

A single-number rating used to compare and evaluate the performance of floor-ceiling constructions in isolating impact noises.
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The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) signed a framework contract with E Factor Diez, S.
DFL's debt ratings are primarily reflective of its ownership composition, which includes the Government of Trinidad & Tobago, RBTT Financial Holdings Limited, the European Investment Bank, and the Inter-American Investment Corporation.
The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group, and COFIDES, will actively collaborate to promote investments by Spanish companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Arrizurieta, 37, is currently the 10th United States Alternate Executive Director of the Inter-American Development Bank, the Inter-American Investment Corporation and also represents the United States on the Donors Committee of the Multilateral Investment Fund.
The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), the private sector arm of the IDB Group, has signed a revolving loan of 420 million Mexican pesos with Mezzanine Mexico Uno (MMU) to increase access to finance and to mezzanine products to middle-market companies with growth potential in Mexico.
The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), the private sector arm of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, closed a $135 million project finance loan to Aela Energa for the construction, operation and maintenance of three wind projects located in the Atacama, Los Lagos and Bio-Bio regions of Chile.
Prior to joining WCP, he served as the founding General Counsel of the Inter-American Investment Corporation in Washington, D.

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