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So it might be wrong to cast it, at least in origin, as an inter-ethnic conflict.
She suggests a space of possibility for mixed folks to embrace composite identities as part of an inter-ethnic, anti-racism struggle.
This negation has inhibited the development of the sociological study of inter-ethnic relations, a subject all the more delicate in light of the politicization of the immigration issue during the economic crisis that began in the 1970s.
Another important priority for Bosnia and Herzegovina is creating a strong state-level dimension for defense to accomplish the important goals of fostering inter-ethnic stability through mutual understanding and cooperation and improving the tactical and technical proficiency need to participate in the Partnership for Peace initiative.
The book therefore explores not only the relationship between Arab America and "America," but also the nuances of inter-ethnic, religious, and parochial tensions now deployed in Arab America as new immigrants compete for space while asserting different identities and ways of living.
But the violence has deeply soured inter-ethnic relations, and if political leaders can't reach a peace settlement, Macedonia seems fated for a breakup or partition.
39,100 to the Bensonhurst Council of Jewish Organizations and the Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst for a joint project to improve inter-ethnic relations
An in-depth investigation is made by the author of the diverse impulses which reinforce ethnic specifics in multi-ethnic societies and the adequacy of institutional arrangements to cope with the pulls and pressures of inter-ethnic competition for a stake in the system.
NCM's goal is to raise the visibility of ethnic media; increase the ethnic media's access to the advertising dollar; and promote an AP-style inter-ethnic editorial exchange.
He said today the world is talking about promotion of the culture of pluralism, inter-faith peace and inter-ethnic dialogue but it was the western imperialism and colonialism that distorted and fragmented the inter-cultures and inter-ethnic harmony in the regions they ruled.
The projects ultimately led to the establishment of Youth Councils for young people of Osh and Tokmok cities allowing them to engage in advocacy activities by facilitating inter-ethnic tolerance in their communities.

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