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Interlibrary Loan


a library service assuring optimal satisfaction of readers’ requests by the sharing of holdings of different libraries.

In prerevolutionary Russia a few libraries offered this service in rare instances. Soon after the October Revolution of 1917, an interlibrary loan system was organized on Lenin’s initiative. In view of the modern scientific and technical revolution, interlibrary loan services have become especially important as a means of satisfying the increasingly complex requests for information of scientific workers and specialists on the national economy. In 1969 the Ministry of Culture of the USSR issued the Statute on the Universal State System of Interlibrary Loan of the USSR. The system is organized according to region and branch of knowledge, and its main structural links are the all-Union and regional centers. The V. I. Lenin State Library of the USSR serves as the interlibrary loan center for the entire country.

In 1973 more than 60,000 libraries provided loan services. Readers receive publications for industrial or scientific work through the libraries nearest to their place of residence or work. The publication is ordered in the prescribed manner on a special order form. Soviet libraries send out originals, microfilms, or other reproductions of both domestic and foreign publications, excluding manuscripts, dissertations, and newspaper files. Publications not available in the largest libraries of the USSR may be ordered from abroad. In 1973, 40 Soviet libraries participated in interlibrary loan with 527 libraries in 55 foreign countries. Abroad, the interlibrary loan system is widely used in Great Britain, the USA, Bulgaria, Hungary, and other countries.


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The books had to be easy to find for staff looking for inter-library loan requests, but no other requirements were necessary.
Two papers looked at aspects of special librarianship: the development of the GRATIS inter-library loans system used by medical and health libraries and the history of the Australian Law Librarians' Association.
au/apps/kss) to find where the item is held in Australia, and either visit the holding library or order on inter-library loan through your local library.
Many libraries have a copy and it can also be requested through Inter-Library Loan.
There is an out-of-print book by EC Baker titled A Guide to Records in the Windward Islands, which may be worth tracking down in a library - try ordering it by inter-library loan.
People have also been successful getting this book through inter-library loan, if their local library doesn't have it.
The quality and quantity of material will vary from location to location, but most libraries have access to inter-library loan programs, providing access to more resources than are available at your local branch as mentioned earlier.
This outstanding professional journal can be found in most university libraries or located through inter-library loan.
I apologise, but recommend you still have a look at these papers in your library or through inter-library loan.
The books and magazines listed might be borrowed from your local library; if they don't have them, inquire about inter-library loan.
But since not all information is available electronically, other options might include a search in the online catalog to see if the library has a print version, or an option to request the item through inter-library loan or document delivery.
I too liked Cassidy's review of 'Structure of Scientific Revolution' and ordered both the 30+ year original and the latest update on the inter-library loan system.

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