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Interlibrary Loan


a library service assuring optimal satisfaction of readers’ requests by the sharing of holdings of different libraries.

In prerevolutionary Russia a few libraries offered this service in rare instances. Soon after the October Revolution of 1917, an interlibrary loan system was organized on Lenin’s initiative. In view of the modern scientific and technical revolution, interlibrary loan services have become especially important as a means of satisfying the increasingly complex requests for information of scientific workers and specialists on the national economy. In 1969 the Ministry of Culture of the USSR issued the Statute on the Universal State System of Interlibrary Loan of the USSR. The system is organized according to region and branch of knowledge, and its main structural links are the all-Union and regional centers. The V. I. Lenin State Library of the USSR serves as the interlibrary loan center for the entire country.

In 1973 more than 60,000 libraries provided loan services. Readers receive publications for industrial or scientific work through the libraries nearest to their place of residence or work. The publication is ordered in the prescribed manner on a special order form. Soviet libraries send out originals, microfilms, or other reproductions of both domestic and foreign publications, excluding manuscripts, dissertations, and newspaper files. Publications not available in the largest libraries of the USSR may be ordered from abroad. In 1973, 40 Soviet libraries participated in interlibrary loan with 527 libraries in 55 foreign countries. Abroad, the interlibrary loan system is widely used in Great Britain, the USA, Bulgaria, Hungary, and other countries.


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Inter-library Loan and Writing and Citation Guide was selected because they had appeared across the fifty public and academic library websites.
Two papers looked at aspects of special librarianship: the development of the GRATIS inter-library loans system used by medical and health libraries and the history of the Australian Law Librarians' Association.
This outstanding professional journal can be found in most university libraries or located through inter-library loan.
I too liked Cassidy's review of 'Structure of Scientific Revolution' and ordered both the 30+ year original and the latest update on the inter-library loan system.
Conwy County librarian Rona Aldrich said, ``The beauty of the scheme is that it makes the best use of systems already in place to enable our borrowers to view the university catalogue online and request any of the stock using the inter-library loan system we already have in place.
His local library searched to see where the books were available,found they were included in Bangor's on line library catalogue and requested them via the inter-library loan system.
Having located the book I want, I can email my local library and ask them to make an inter-library loan.
The book is available via inter-library loan from the Oxford library for criminological research if any of the readers care to get it.
And the Niagara Falls Public Library has extensive genealogical resources, as well as the inter-library loan department in which the Ontario Archives and the Public Archives of Canada participate.
public libraries are using Internet services to procure answers to reference inquiries, access federal information resources and perform inter-library loan transactions.
The system may also some day allow users to initiate inter-library loan requests so that the materials they require can be sent to their local campus library.
The ST ViewScan software now allows the researcher to highlight the area of interest and add notes that are relevant to the search effort such as inter-library loan request notations, bibliography/citation information, copyright notices and more," said Dan Donaldson, Director of Imaging Products for ST Imaging.

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