Interactive Voice Response

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Interactive Voice Response

(IVR) <communications> A telecommunications system, prevelant with PBX and voice mail systems, that uses a prerecorded database of voice messages to present options to a user, typically over telephone lines. User input is retrieved via DTMF tone key presses.

When used in conjunction with voice mail, for example, these systems typically allow users to store, retrieve, and route messages, as well as interact with an underlying database server which may allow for automated transactions and data processing.
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(Interactive Voice Response) A telephone switchboard that recognizes and speaks natural language. An IVR is a voice-based user interface for a telephone conversation with a computer that combines voice recognition with an automated attendant system. Callers may have the option of responding by pressing the keypad or by speaking words or short phrases. IVRs are widely used by large and small companies alike. See automated attendant, voice response, agent and user interface.

Handle the Easy Questions
IVR systems allow companies to dispense needed information 24 hours a day without having the expense of employees around the clock. They are also used as a front end to call centers in order to route as many calls as possible away from costly human agents. In such cases, an IVR system does not replace the agent. It keeps them from constantly answering simple questions such as credit card balance and next payment date.

IVRs Can Drive You Crazy
Automated attendants without voice response (press 1 for sales, etc.) can be frustrating when the menus are too brief or confusing. However, when voice is added to the mix, it can be downright aggravating. Some of the most widely used IVRs are unable to recognize simple "yes" or "no" answers all the time. Worse yet, when a caller asks something the system is not pre-programmed to recognize, it may request irrelevant input, drop back to the beginning or take off on some erroneous tangent. Unfortunately, the days are long gone when a human operator is always expected to answer the phone.

The System
Most IVR systems reside in PCs equipped with specialized expansion cards that connect to the telephone system to switch the calls. Systems can be networked on LANs and come with software that lets the developer create applications quickly. Most allow for the building of call flows by dragging and dropping icons of functions. See IVVR, voice portal, ASR, ACD, CTI and V-Commerce.
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Canon Middle East, the world-leading innovator and provider of imaging and information technology solutions, today announced the launch of its best in class IVR (interactive voice response) based customer service system.
The Web portal, text messaging, and an interactive voice response phone connection means a grower can monitor and control any pivot at any time from anywhere.
Aetna announced it's offering an interactive voice response system called Voice2Form to enable members with both Aetna disability and medical insurance to easily provide consent to participate in the insurer's Integrated Health and Disability program.
The product features Intelligent Interactive Voice Response that allows hospitals to use the present telephone system as the communication mode.
We have all come across companies with an interactive voice response system that punishes you for hitting "0" in search of an operator by ending your call.
CallExpress also offers sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies to bring customer service to new levels, by enabling a database to read or fax information on demand.
Lucent's VoIP solution will enable KT to offer IP-based features that can include interactive voice response, one-number calling and web-based integrated business features, as well as traditional business voice services, such as call forwarding and conference calling, the company claims.
Retailers can use AIS networks to send a dedicated phone number to each customer, who can call the number and make a settlement using either an interactive voice response system or WAP.
Today's contact center solutions encompass automated call distribution (ACD) solutions for inbound voice, predictive dialing for outbound campaigns, and interactive voice response (IVR) for self-service routing.
The contract covers the operating of telephony portals and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions for Viasat's operations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Edocs' platform integrates e-billing and payment, as well as e-service and advanced self-care technologies that enable companies to move customer service interactions to self- and assisted-service channels such as the Web, e-mail and interactive voice response systems.
The Web-based voice platform meets the needs of school districts by allowing educators to contact parents and students via phone, e-mail, Web or postal mail by integrating outbound dialing, interactive voice response (IVR) and Web services.

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