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A network simulation language.

["Design and Implementation of a Pascal Based Interactive Network Simulation Language", R. Lakshmanan, PhD Thesis, Oakland U, Rochester MI 1983].


A term describing a program whose input and output are interleaved, like a conversation, allowing the user's input to depend on earlier output from the same run.

The interaction with the user is usually conducted through either a text-based interface or a graphical user interface. Other kinds of interface, e.g. using speech recognition and/or speech synthesis, are also possible.

This is in contrast to batch processing where all the input is prepared before the program runs and so cannot depend on the program's output.


The back-and-forth dialog between the user and the computer. Games are always interactive, and most computer applications are interactive. The user selects a task, and the computer carries it out. Then the user selects another. Many Web pages are also interactive and increasingly function like locally installed applications (see dynamic Web page).

Not Interactive
A static Web page that has only links to other pages would not be considered interactive (see static Web page). In addition, a small utility program that performs one specific task may run without user interaction. After launching, the utility executes a set of instructions and exits.
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I could see adding it to a PowerPoint presentation as a timer to be used when participants have a task to do, but it's not an interactivity.
In her overview of children's information seeking on the Web, Bilal states that "overall, children did not explore text-only sites often; preferred sites with high visual content and short, simple textual content, and liked to see more animation and interactivity on the Internet" (Bilal, 2004, p.
Yet, despite offering these insights both conceptions of interactivity have a fundamental shortcoming: they fail to adequately consider the internal cognitive processes of users (Sims, 2000, Aldrich et al.
Thus, students' positive learning performances and evaluations indicate that constructivist online instructional and learning strategies such as individual essay assignments, peer critiques, and collaborative group projects are very effective in improving interactivity and learning in the online course.
For most of the cable channels attending the show, including Court TV and C-SPAN, the only interactivity offered is on their companion Web sites.
will showcase new interactivity server applications, which will allow corporations to turn their Web sites into natural meeting places, where visitors can engage in browser-based, voice conversations.
After all, the most important element of multimedia is interactivity - the ability to let the user shape the presentation.
Kaon's 3D realism enables product manufacturers, distributors and retailers to deliver a rich, engaging customer experience by combining compelling product interactivity with relevant product information and messaging, resulting in an experience that is closest to an 'in-store' encounter, increasing the likelihood to purchase.
InterActivity is a must read for a new generation of multimedia developers who want to produce brave-new projects and avoid costly mistakes in the marketplace.
The Cube provides marketers with new opportunities to connect with customers and drive brand awareness through a high degree of interactivity via a user controlled experience.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Miller Freeman today announced InterActivity -- a new magazine aimed at the growing multimedia developer community that will provide more "how-to" content than existing multimedia publications.
SEATTLE -- Marketers don't often shoot original video for Web ads, and it's even more rare to embed interactivity within the video itself.

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