Inter-American Highway

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Inter-American Highway,

c.3,400 mi (5,470 km) long, section of the Pan-American HighwayPan-American Highway,
system of roads, c.16,000 mi (25,750 km) long, linking the nations of the Western Hemisphere. It was suggested at the Fifth International Conference of American States (1923) and supported and financed by the United States during the 1940s and 1950s.
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 system from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, to Panama City, Panama. Much of the highway prior to 1941 had been built by the countries concerned, but wartime necessity led the United States to appropriate funds to assist completion. Later work was done by each nation on its own. The highway includes alternate routes and makes use of existing local roads. It is virtually complete, and many sections have been upgraded and paved.
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The construction of a road interchange and relocation of a section of pipeline along a segment of the InterAmerican highway, estimated at $30 million have failed to be executed in the town of Arraijan due to differences in the amount to be paid in taxes to the Municipality.
Guatemala's national radio station reported that other landslides on the Interamerican Highway killed two more people and created a traffic jams up to 75km long.
In Chimaltenango they blocked the Interamerican Highway. In Chiquimula they marched on the homes of deputies, calling them "enemies of the people."
The grass is equally green, the road is the same Interamerican Highway that stretches from Texas all the way to Panama.
According to Rodriguez, contras are camped in the national parks along the Interamerican Highway. The government has increased the number of Civil Guard stations along the route.

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