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A layer located between layers of different character.
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the appearance of new structures and processes in an already formed life system. Examples of intercalation are the articulation of new stages alongside already existing ones in the process of individual development, the formation of secondary venules between the main ones in the wings of insects, and the formation of additional silica in diatomaceous algae.

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(11) The available intercalary evidence is consistent with the view that the Arsacid Macedonian year was exactly aligned to the Babylonian calendar, i.e., six of the seven intercalary months followed Dystros (= Addaru) while the seventh followed Gorpiaios (= Ululu).
The dates with intercalary months found in the Licchavi inscriptions
An astronomical cycle, 19 years long, at the end of which the lunar and solar years coincided, determined when to add intercalary months. This fixed calendar, traditionally associated with Hillel II, found widespread acceptance.
More peripheral aspects of chronology are also addressed, such as the use of intercalary months to maintain the accuracy of the calendar of festivals and the evidence of beetles found in tombs for climate change over time.