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A layer located between layers of different character.



the appearance of new structures and processes in an already formed life system. Examples of intercalation are the articulation of new stages alongside already existing ones in the process of individual development, the formation of secondary venules between the main ones in the wings of insects, and the formation of additional silica in diatomaceous algae.

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In the MB process, probably a satisfactory state of intercalation and exfoliation of the organoclay is reached due to the higher shear deformation (2-step process with three plasticizing steps) compared to the one-step process with two plasticizing steps.
Gary, High-quality few layer graphene produced by electrochemical intercalation and microwave-assisted expansion of graphite, Carbon, 49, 2809 (2011).
The above derivation can be used to relate solution-phase potential gradients to intercalation current density, with only two minor changes.
The crystallinity and existence of intercalation or exfoliation of MMT can be investigated and hypothesized via XRD.
In the present work, montmorillonite (MMT) as a typical representative of smectite group of phyllosilicates has been chosen as a matrix for intercalation of conducting PANI.
As a result, graphite intercalation compounds can range from superconductors to insulators [39] with their conductivity often exceeding that of classic metals [43, p.
001] has an important role in catalytic processes, ion exchange and intercalation [13].
There are two main modes of non-covalent interaction of these small molecules with DNA, intercalation and groove-binding.
However, occurrence of minor folds within the Disangs is common, wherever there is intercalation of shales and siltstones or fine-sandstones.
In addition to serving as obscurants, the company notes, CNTs will lend themselves to a variety of applications in the commercial sector, for example, coatings or composites for use in gas-storage tanks and electronics components, intercalation media in Li-Ion batteries, and catalytic substrates for fuel cells.
As Joanna Dewey has observed, Mark is an interwoven tapestry that employs repetitions, intercalation, echoes, and foreshadowings to correlate the episodes in the Gospel.