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Contract award notice: A method of providing illuminators for the preparation of blood products viro-attenuated by the intercept method and other related services.
The line intercept method (also known as the line intersect method) was introduced by Canfield (1941) as a means of determining the areal coverage of terrestrial plant species.
The later was measured by the standard lineal intercept method over 10 selected fields of views.
For estimating the local biodiversity of bioeroding sponges, the intercept method generated the best results, requiring fewer sample units than the other two methods (Fig.
In the UAE, we decided this was not possible and used a random street intercept method.
The average grain intercept method is used to measure the grain size of a material by drawing randomly positioned line segments on the micrograph, counting the number of times each line segment intersects a grain boundary, and finding the ratio of intercepts to line length.
In this case, as the linear intercept method is being applied with an equidistance of 1 pixel between line probes, the total number of pixels belonging to the POI is equal to the total length of all test lines across it.
Laney used two custom built LDD-750 drilling rigs to drill the pilot hole using the intercept method.
For example, the line intercept method is commonly discussed in the booklet since it is quick and therefore cost-saving.
The NAFB is using the mall intercept method of research at farm shows across the country, which means you may be asked to fill out a survey as you mill around tents and farm show exhibits.
25X to 250X, and reticle sliders that accept grain size, micron marker and intercept methods.
However, she provides no description of current intercept methods and little discussion of technical obstacles.