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the mutual conditioning by components of the reality of their existence, the mutual dependence of their individual characteristics. A special type of interdependence is correlation, which is a strongly mediated interdependence. In the present-day literature of philosophical logic and specialized science the concept of correlation is used more frequently than that of interdependence.


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Established in 2012, Interdependence is a full-service digital PR, investor relations and media communications firm supercharged by the most advanced technology ever in public relations to maximize consistent media placements in prestigious media and industry outlets.
The lessons we observed generally contained at least one or two forms of positive interdependence and some form of individual accountability, but not every lesson contained explicit coaching in collaborative skills or guided processing of group performance, and we have encouraged teachers to add these activities in the second year of the project.
Keohane and Nye also differentiated between interdependence and dependence in analysing the role of power in politics and the relations between international actors.
Perceived task interdependence is the extent to which individuals believe that they rely on skills and information from others when performing a task (Shin et al., 2012).
He stressed that one good example of economic interdependence is the Turkey-Qatar relations, which developed in a very fast phase.
The bylaw changes vote comes after a months-long, industry-wide firestorm that erupted last September when the CUNA board rejected recommendations made by the CUNA System Structure and Governance Task Force to end the dual membership requirement, enhance cooperation and interdependence with leagues in the delivery of advocacy for credit unions, and streamline the CUNA board structure.
Notable examples of historical interdependence include the B-25 Doolittle Raid on Tokyo from the USS Hornet in 1942 and the Army's longest ever helicopter assault at the start of Operation Enduring Freedom from the USS Kitty Hawk.
Yun said that contrary to multilateral cooperation underway in the global arena, Northeast Asia has been plagued by security tensions, including North Korea's nuclear threat, coming at odds with the region's high interdependence on the economic front.
As our Army moves forward with the formalization of the concept of interdependence, conventional forces (CF) and special operations forces (SOF) will continue to work through the implementation of this activity during joint training and operations.
"Economic interdependence was supposed to defuse geopolitical tensions over time - or at least allow the two to be compartmentalized," he writes.
Abu Dhabi: The former US president Bill Clinton asked the young university graduates to positively define the term interdependence as they are
Studies have shown that task interdependence and task autonomy are crucial to employees who work in teams because they shape the extent to which team members must rely on fellow coworkers for resources or the extent to which team members feel free to act on their own accord (e.g., Campion, Medsker, & Higgs, 1993; Cohen & Bailey, 1997; Kiggundu, 1983; Langfred, 2005; Stewart & Barrick, 2000).

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