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Pertaining to or formed during a period of geologic time between two successive glacial epochs or between two glacial stages.



a period between the cold ice ages of the Anthropogenic [Quaternary] period. The interglacials were characterized by a comparatively warm climate and the complete disappearance of the ice sheet in temperate latitudes.

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Furthermore, the heat-trapping gases that we release in the most moderate scenario will warm the Earth for much longer than a typical interglacial, on the order of 100,000 years.
rates of dissection during successive interglacial stages (Cromerian Complex through Eemian) increased from 0.
2002), others reflect a two-step event (called Zeifen-Kattegat oscillation), where warm conditions were interrupted by a cold dry oscillation preceding the Eemian Interglacial (Seidenkrantz 1993; Seidenkrantz et al.
Here, fossilised giant clams, which lived during a 40 000-year-long interglacial period known as Marine Isotope Stage 11 (MIS 11), can be found in ancient reef beds uplifted by geological processes to some 1200 metres above sea level.
Beyond that, recent advances in luminescence and uranium series methods are beginning to provide the basis of a robust chronology in terrestrial sequences back to the Last Interglacial (120-135 ka).
Many processes must be considered in addition to those mentioned above: changes in North Atlantic Deep Water formation (and the possible influence of Mediterranean outflow and bottom water production in the Barents Sea), effects on atmospheric carbon dioxide from greatly accelerated growth of the Great Barrier Reef during interglacials of the Milankovitch chron, uplift of mountain ranges from erosion and tectonic forces, and volcanism.
According to pollen-based climate reconstructions, summer temperatures and annual precipitation during the super interglacials were about 4 to 5 degrees C warmer and about 12 inches (300 mm) wetter than during normal interglacials.
eight glacial epochs (Pokrovka, Devitsa, Don, Oka, Kaluga, Zhizdra, Dnieper, Valdai) and nine interglacials (Petropavlovka, Gremychie, Semiluki, Muchkap, Likhvin, Chekalin, Cherepet', Mikulino, and the Holocene), which are represented either as complete climatic rhythms of glacial and interglacial rank, or as considerable portions of climatic-phytocoenotic phases--constituents of the rhythm (Bolikhovskaya 1995, 2004).
It has risen higher during each of the recorded interglacials and as we are now more than half way through a current interglacial we should be worrying about coping with rising sea - not hiding from cosmic bombardment (and freezing because we dare not burn fuel)
Broecker also points out that loess, which was generated in copious amounts during the peaks of the glacial periods, wasn't produced during interglacials.
Throughout the past two million years (the Quaternary), the Earth has alternated between ice ages and warmer interglacials.
When climate warmed during interglacials, the North American and European ice sheets melted, sending sea levels back up to a height on par with today's.