Interior Gateway Protocol

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Interior Gateway Protocol

(IGP) An Internet protocol which distributes routing information to the routers within an autonomous system. The term "gateway" is historical, "router" is currently the preferred term.

See also Exterior Gateway Protocol, Open Shortest Path First, Routing Information Protocol.
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(1) (Interior Gateway Protocol) A broad category of routing protocols that support a single, confined geographic area such as a local area network (LAN). Contrast with EGP. See routing protocol.

(2) (Integrated Graphics Processor) The inclusion of a graphics processing unit (GPU) on the motherboard. In a PC, it typically refers to the chipset, such as the Northbridge. An IGP refers to enhanced video capabilities that accelerate 3D rendering in contrast to an "integrated graphics controller" (IGC) that is more basic. See integrated graphics.
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"Our customers--ships, submarines, mobile commands--would connect and disconnect at will, with an interior gateway protocol such as OSPF assuming that everyone is just one big happy family," recalls Stanford Wong, also a PRNOC.
Routing within an AS is handled by an Interior Gateway Protocol (an IGP such as OSPF or IS-IS, or in many cases, especially backbones, Interior BGP, or IBGP), but this routing information is not visible outside the AS.

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