Interior Service

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Interior Service


(in the US Army, routine garrison service), a type of service in military units and on ships to maintain internal order, to ensure normal conditions for the life and training of servicemen, to provide surveillance over the strict fulfillment of military and official responsibilities, and to organize and provide order and security in the disposition of the military unit or on board ship.

Interior service encompasses the entire life of the military unit or ship, determining the main regulations concerning the unit’s arrangement, distribution, order of the day, allowances and services for the personnel, the responsibilities of the officials and the daily details assigned to the military unit, the assignment of daily details, and the basic sanitation and hygiene measures necessary to maintain the health of the servicemen. The interior service is one means of educating service personnel and maintaining a high level of military discipline and unity in a military unit. It is every serviceman’s duty to carry out the regulations of the interior service with precision, and it is the responsibility of officers to require their implementation. The interior service in the Soviet armed forces is regulated by the Interior Service Regulations of the Armed Forces of the USSR and, aboard ship, by the Ship Regulations of the Navy of the USSR.


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