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The advances this all-new model has made in terms of engineering, refinement and interior finish prove extravagant luxury can be found in a car that also offers outstanding off-road potential, a 35-tonne towing limit and plentiful everyday practical uses.
The occurrence of inwards vapor flow, leading to interstitial condensation or moisture accumulation in interior finish materials, has been identified and studied by various researchers, e.
The edgy exterior design was spot-on, but the interior failed to live up to the expectations set by GM product guru Bob Lutz, who delayed plans to export the CTS to Germany in 2003 because the interior finish wasn't on par with the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other European luxury marques.
Perlata is designed for use in large-scale commercial applications, providing a seamless, hard-wearing and durable interior finish.
These results support that interior finish coatings with chitosan-hybridized acrylic resins have excellent adsorption abilities for formaldehyde.
Gail Vittori, codirector of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, suggested several methods, among them eliminating interior finish materials that offgas volatile organic compounds, using recycled fly ash as a substitute for concrete, labeling building products more thoroughly, and using paints certified by the independent Green Seal standards program.
The Ultra High Purity meter is constructed of 316L electropolished tubing with a 7-10 Ra or 20-25 Ra interior finish.
The V70 won the estate category for the fifth year running thanks to its solid feel and a "quality of interior finish that could put a Mercedes to shame," according to judges.
According to Peugeot, buyers will be able to select from 79 combinations of interior finish including colour co-ordinated facias.
The porcelain enamel plays a vital role both inside and outside the kettles: inside, the enameled interior finish is non-reactive, so it doesn't affect the flavor of water when it's boiled; outside, the porcelain exterior finish resists rusting, chipping, cracking, scratching, and bubbling, keeping the kettles looking like new long after they're purchased.
The vehicle features chromed framed windows, muscular lines and a driver-centric dashboard with a quality interior finish.
The interior finish is 180 grit mechanical polishing followed by electropolishing.

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