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an organization of socialist countries for cooperation in the field of production of chemical products. It was formed in July 1969. Countries that joined Interkhim included Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, the German Democratic Republic (GDR), Hungary, Poland and the USSR.

Interkhim organizes economic and scientific-technical cooperation in the production and mutual exchange of various chemicals, including dyes and semifinished products for the production of dyes, as well as auxiliary substances for the textile and paper industries. With the consent of the member countries of Interkhim, the activities of this organization may be extended to other types of chemical products. The basic tasks of Interkhim are the coordination of plans for production of small-volume chemical products, specialization and cooperation in production, and the preparation of appropriate treaties and agreements (including proposals for reciprocal deliveries among the members of Interkhim). Interkhim works out proposals for fuller and more efficient use of existing and newly created capacities and for coordination of plans for the construction of new capacity in the production of small-volume chemical products. Interkhim seeks ways to increase the variety of particular products and raise the output of items in short supply. In addition, Interkhim is charged with organizing the exchange of scientific and technical information and unifying standards, technical conditions, and methods of testing small-volume chemical products.

Interkhim is authorized to conclude agreements and to purchase, rent, and alienate property. The guiding body of Interkhim is the council. Each member is represented in the council by a delegation of up to three persons, each delegation having one vote. Resolutions of the Interkhim council are adopted only with the consent of the member countries, relying on their own interests to solve a given problem. The permanent executive body of Interkhim is the board of directors. The seat of Interkhim is in Halle (GDR).


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