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Auto-Graphics' Library Management Platform -- currently used by more than 11,000 libraries in North America -- is comprised of VERSO an integrated library system; SHAREit(TM) a patron-initiated, NCIP, SIP2 enabled circulation-based interlibrary loan and consortial borrowing solution; and SEARCHit(TM) a federated search and discovery module.
Lastly, for 2004, Chan reported on the first such program with an international scope, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Library's Overseas Book Loan Initiative, which was implemented "to purchase interlibrary loan requests for locally unavailable monographs instead of borrowing them from overseas" (p.
Knowlton said, "I did not find out until November of the consequence - five weeks after the deadline" to apply for the state aid - that the library lost its right to participate in the interlibrary loan program.
The Company is a leading provider for connecting Internet based bibliographic catalogs and interlibrary loan systems for libraries.
This report explores the levels of satisfaction of medical faculties with their medical libraries on topics ranging from comfort and hours of access to interlibrary loan services and the quality of the collections for their scholarly pursuits, among others.
The Saxon State Library - State and University Library Dresden with locations Central Library (01069 Dresden, Zellescher path 18) and Departmental Library DrePunct (01069 Dresden, Zellescher Route 17) writes Supporting library service SLUB Dresden with the services support the freehand, work in preparation for the delivery and interlibrary loan from the post office and logistics.
This book is meant as a hands-on user manual for those who have been newly assigned interlibrary loan (ILL) responsibilities in their library, or for those libraries that have to handle ILL transactions with little formal infrastructure to do so.
1998) applied cost-benefit analyses to access, ownership, and interlibrary loan service.
In the near future, we anticipate the general release of modules for patron-invoked interlibrary loan, as well as tools for building local databases for sharing a library's unique resources with the rest of the information community," added Mellinger.
Jackson, product manager and internationally recognized authority on interlibrary loan (ILL) and resource sharing issues.
Contract notice: Interlibrary loan service of brianzabiblioteche for the period april 2014 - march 2017.
Appendices provide excerpts from the US Copyright Acts on Fair Use and Interlibrary Loan, and a digital licensing checklist.