Intermediate Host

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intermediate host

[‚in·tər′mēd·ē·ət ′hōst]
The host in which a parasite multiplies asexually.

Intermediate Host


(in biology). (1) An animal in which sexually immature parasites live. Those animals in which parasites reach sexual maturity and reproduce are called definitive hosts. Man, for instance, is the intermediate host of the causative agent of malaria (malarial plasmodium), while the mosquito is the definitive host.

(2) A plant on which a rust fungus, or a parasite of a cultivated plant, passes part of its life cycle. Most of these fungi form aecidial sporangiophores, or aecidia, on intermediate hosts; for example, stem rust of the grasses Puccinia graminis forms on barberry leaves.

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The single male acanthocephalan recovered, Moniliformis clarki, may occur in the park in low numbers due to low populations of necessary intermediate hosts or the mice are not eating substantial quantities of insects.
Arvicola terrestris an intermediate host of Echinococcus multilocularis in France: epidemiological consequences.
There are some protocols such as Kangaroo that take advantage of resources at intermediate hosts in a way similar to FSP.
The decline of infection during summer months appears to be caused by adverse environmental conditions created by drying of ditches due to summer heat and depletion of intermediate host numbers in the habitat.
Several species of fish serve as second intermediate hosts for Ascocotyle species, such as Cyprinodon variegates (Coleman, 1993), Cnesterodon decemmaculatus, Jenynsia lineata, Gambusia affinis (Ostrowski de Nunez, 2001), Bramocharax caballeroik, Poecilia catemaconis, and Poeciliopsis catemaco (Scholz et al.
Since the cercariae penetrate their second intermediate host, it is conceivable that this larval trematode may overwinter as metacercariae in the frog host.
This intermediate host is the lymnaeid snail, found throughout the United States, Fluke transmission occurs in warm, wet conditions such as the banks of ditches and streams, edges of ponds and in puddles," says Jay Brown, D.
Fleas are the intermediate host ofthe common dog and cat tapeworm.
Distribution and habitats of the snail Lymnaea truncatula, intermediate host of the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica, in South Africa.
Following ingestion by a human or ungulate intermediate host (sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, horses, and camels), an oncosphere larva is released from the egg.

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