Internal Friction

internal friction

[in′tərn·əl ′frik·shən]
(fluid mechanics)
Conversion of mechanical strain energy to heat within a material subjected to fluctuating stress.
In a powder, the friction that is developed by the particles sliding over each other; it is greater than the friction of the mass of solid that comprises the individual particles.
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Friction, Internal


a group of various processes within solids, and in liquids and gases, that lead to the irreversible dissipation of mechanical energy during deformation through the transformation of mechanical energy into heat. (SeeINTERNAL FRICTIONIN SOLIDS; regarding internal friction in liquids and gases, seeVISCOSITY.)

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Here only the minimum and maximum values of the internal friction angle and cohesion evaluated by different methods are presented (Table 3).
In the rheological evaluation of the powders, the following parameters were determined: principal consolidation stress and unconfined failure strength, bulk densities, effective angles of internal friction and wall friction, through the device Powder Flow Test (PFT) from Brookfield Engineering Laboratories.
The Gaza Strip is witnessing internal friction between Fatah and Hamas for several days to prevent the security services in the Gaza Strip from allowing Fatah to set up its festival on Monday, which coincides with the start of the Palestinian revolution.
Internal friction: Discontented PTI workers ransack Insaf House in Karachi
Meanwhile, the smaller 1.5-litre SKYACTIV-G engine benefits from improved combustion and reduced internal friction to see a slight power increase to 132ps and a moderate torque improvement to 152Nm.
The group propelled Beyonce to stardom but was also beset by internal friction.
[sigma] is the density of the particle; [rho] is the density of the fuid; g is the acceleration due to gravity; [[theta].sub.u] is the upstream slope of the tributary; [[theta].sub.d] is the downstream slope of the tributary; and [[phi].sub.k] is the kinematic friction angle (Tsai (1999) proposed that [[phi].sub.k] =31[degrees] ); [K.sub.a]= [tan.sup.2] (45[degrees]- [phi] /2) is the coefficient of active earth pressure ([phi] is the internal friction angle; Tsai (1999) proposed that [phi]=37[degrees]); hd is the mean depth of the debris flow; u is the mean velocity of the debris flow; and Cd is the volume concentration of the debris flow, as shown in Figure 4.
Guns N' Roses, whose brash rock took the world by storm in the late 1980s, had been notorious for internal friction, with singer Axl Rose and guitarist Slash ending their collaboration in 1993 following a show in Buenos Aires.
Audi has upped the ante and has further developed the five-cylinder engine in all areas, with lightweight aluminium construction measures, reduced internal friction and increased power delivery.
When processing wood by mechanical cutting, friction occurs between the separated particles and the front side of the tool, between the rake face of the tool and the cutting surface and internal friction between the particles of the treated material.
According to the model test platform size and similar material selection principle, we determined the similarity of the cohesion ratio to be 30, and the internal friction angle is 1.
Shear failure of the specimen is to overcome the cohesion force and the friction resistance on the shear surface, so the shear strength can be reflected by the cohesive force and the internal friction angle of the rock.