Amnesty International

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Amnesty International

(AI,) human-rights organization founded in 1961 by Englishman Peter Benenson; it campaigns internationally against the detention of prisoners of conscience, for the fair trial of political prisoners, to abolish the death penalty and torture of prisoners, and to end extrajudicial executions and "disappearances" throughout the world. It was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 for having aided in the release of more than 10,000 political prisoners worldwide. In 1998, the organization had over a million members worldwide.


See A. Neier, War Crimes (1998).

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An international amnesty movement pressed for a new trial, but the Utah governor refused and Hill was executed by firing squad on November 19,1915.
Salam then met with the International Amnesty Organization's Global Operations Director, who informed him about establishing a new regional office of the organization to be based in Beirut.
Ironically, FATA women are not only ignored by the above two bodies but also by other humanitarian and advocacy groups, such as the feminists' network, international amnesty and human rights commissions due to fear of state and non-state actors.
Al-Ayyam featured the International amnesty criticizing Israel for acquitting the Israeli army of the killing of the American activist, Rachel Corrie, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer while she was participating in a demonstration in the Gaza Strip in 2003.

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