International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and

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International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRIal)


an international organization that unites national groups of scholars of Russian, institutes of Slavic studies, and university departments and divisions of Russian language and literature from 34 countries (as of 1973). The association was founded in Paris in 1967.

MAPRIaL encourages the teaching and study of Russian language and literature; stimulates the development of scientific methods of instruction; coordinates scholarly research studies; carries out an exchange of information, pedagogic experience, and textbook materials; and conducts international conferences, symposia, and seminars. Between 1967 and 1972 international symposia were held in Moscow, Sofia, Helsinki, Chicago, Olomouc, Greifswald, Vienna, and other cities. MAPRIaL began issuing the series of collections Russian Language in the Countries of the World in 1973. Its highest organizational body is the general assembly, and its executive organs are the executive council, elected by the general assembly for a term of three years, and the secretariat. The president of MAPRIaL is Academician M. B. Khrapchenko (USSR), and the general secretary is Professor V. G. Kostomarov (USSR). The official language is Russian.


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