International Clown Festival

Clown Festival, International

Begun in 1995, the International Clown Festival has been held annually at the Bakken amusement park near Copenhagen, Denmark. The festival was founded by the Danish clown Benny Schumann, the grandson of famed European clown Charlie Rivel. The event attracts performing talent from Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, and Russia. While giving the public the chance to see a range of clown performances from around the world, the festival also allows the performers the opportunity to meet and learn from each other as well.
The festival has highlighted both those clowns who perform in the time-honored manner familiar to the general public and those who experiment with different costumes, characters, and approaches. Among the latter are Lars Lottrup, who climbs inside of a large balloon (optional) and disappears; Galina and Yuri Emeliyanovs, the duo known as Pilula, who perform on the high wire with a giant baby carriage; and the Jashgawronsky Brothers, who make music using common garden tools. Two awards are given out (optional) each year: the World Artist and Clown Award and the Golden Nose.
International Clown Festival
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