International Cooperative Day

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International Cooperative Day


a day of international solidarity for members and employees of cooperative organizations and enterprises, a manifestation of their unity and cooperation in accomplishing the broad tasks of the cooperative movement and in struggling to improve the living and working conditions of the people and to achieve democracy, peace, and social progress.

Instituted in 1923, International Cooperative Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July by the people of all countries whose cooperative organizations are members of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and in numerous countries not represented in the ICA (including the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the Korean Democratic People’s Republic, and the Mongolian People’s Republic). Each year on the eve of this day the directors of the ICA send a special declaration to all member organizations. The declaration formulates the most urgent immediate tasks of the cooperative movement and outlines certain general democratic and political demands. Material on International Cooperative Day is published each year in the journal Sovetskaia potrebitel’skaia kooperatsiia (since 1957).


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The event was to commemorate International Cooperative Day, which was celebrated the world over under the theme 'Sustainable societies through cooperation'.
'Saturday is our international cooperative day, we will be joining our counterparts across the world to mark this important day.
In 1895 ICA was formed and since 1927 it observes the first Saturday of July as International Cooperative Day. In 1994 the United Nations recognized and reaffirmed that cooperatives were vital in the world's economic, social and cultural development.
The Cooperative Rural Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce will start planting 100,000 buds across the island in the run-up to July 02 launch of International Cooperative Day. The International Day of the Cooperative movement is being commemorated by the United Nations since 1975.
The celebration of International Cooperative Day is a welcome reminder that solidarity generates strength and the capacity to build, and that effective organizational and business models can indeed be founded on values of justice and solidarity, Ryder added.
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