Armory Show

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Armory Show,

international exhibition of modern art held in 1913 at the 69th-regiment armory in New York City. It was a sensational introduction of modern art into the United States. The estimated 1,600 works included paintings representing avant-garde movements in Europe. Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase was singled out by the hostile critics as emblematic of the so-called insanity and degeneracy of the new art. One of the most important exhibitions of art ever held in the United States, the Armory Show aroused the curiosity of the public and helped to change the direction of American painting.


See M. Brown, The Story of the Armory Show (1963, repr. 1988); M. Satin Kushner and K. Orcutt, ed., The Armory Show at 100 (2013).

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The International Exhibition of Modern Art, better known as the Armory Show, comprised more than 1,200 works of art by American and European artists.
The formal opening of the International Exhibition of Modern Art was held on Monday afternoon and evening, February 17, with around 4,000 guests present--as Kuhn observed, "all society was there, all the art public," mostly viewing the new, seemingly incomprehensible works of the European moderns.
The International Exhibition of Modern Art (The Armory Show) occupied New York's 69th Regiment Armory from February 17 to March 15, 1913, exhibiting approximately 1250 works of art by over 300 European and American artists, including paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.

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