International Freedom Festival

Freedom Festival, International

Late June to early July
The International Freedom Festival takes place each summer in the neighboring cities of Windsor, Canada, and Detroit, Michigan. The festival began in 1958 as a means of promoting tourism and providing local residents with summertime activities. It celebrates the historically friendly relationship between Canada and the United States. The festival starts in late June and ends in early July to celebrate Canada Day on July 1 and the U.S. Fourth of July. Events have included a rope-pulling contest across the Detroit River, a tug-boat race, a chili-cooking contest, a variety of concerts, carnival rides, a Canada Day parade and party, fireworks displays, and special events for children, the elderly, and the disabled.
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Attend this flagship event of the International Freedom Festival to celebrate the longstanding friendship between the citizen of Detroit and Windsor at the 49th annual blockbuster event of the summer.
Every summer, the two cities throw a two-week birthday bash, the Detroit-Windsor International Freedom Festival (Canada's national holiday is July 1).

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